Trip Checklist

Please note that this is a general guide only.

You may wish to print this page and add more points,

specific to your personal needs.



Trip Preparation

Check the vessel for road towing and for when on the water:

  • Fuel, oil, safety gear, battery charged, canopy secured, boat key, fresh drinking water, food, mobile phone
  • Motor running ok and secured, hull, lights, radio, adequate clothing, bung plugs, spares, tools
  • Nothing left on hull which will fly off, nothing loose in boat which will roll around or fly out
  • Anchor/s secured and functional, anchor line ok, shackle secured

Check trailer

  • Lights, bearings, brakes, tyre pressure, boat safety chain, U-bolts, springs
  • Straps, rollers, winch
  • Properly coupled to car, brakes disengaged, chocks removed

Before leaving home

  • Check the weather
  • Tell someone reliable where you’re going and what time you will be back
  • Prime motor

Prior to launching at the boat ramp

  • Bungs in
  • Battery connected
  • Fuel ok, oil ok,
  • Weather ok, safety gear ok
  • Water, money, food, phone, clothing, licences on board
  • Any tie downs or brackets/lighting boards removed and stowed
  • Winch handle stowed after use
  • Log onto a local marine rescue organization

Retrieving from the boat ramp

  • Log off from local marine rescue organization
  • Check trailer coupling to car secure
  • Check winch cable
  • Boat sitting properly on trailer
  • Boat tie downs/engine brackets in place
  • Bungs removed
  • Loose gear removed or secured
  • Battery isolator switch off or battery disconnected
  •  Winch handle stowed after use

At home after trip

  • Flush motor with fresh water
  • Wash boat and trailer
  • Visually check hull engine and trailer
  • Disconnect battery or turn isolator switch off
  • Boat  properly stored (out of sun if possible)
  • Trailer brakes not left on
  • Gear properly washed and stowed

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